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Dental implants

Dental implants

Vast experience in the implantological treatment - more than 3000 inserted implants with 8 years guarantee.
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Pediatric Dentistry Dental Office

Pediatric Dentistry

In German Dentist clinic children feel NO pain - innovative techniques of relaxation and inhalation sedation.
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In our clinic the sterilization reaches the highest level possible.

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What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw which serves as a pole for the replacement of a missing tooth.

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The implant is inserted into the jaw bone or mandibular bone by means of a surgical procedure. Then a period of time has to pass until a connection is established (osseointegration) between the implant and the bone.

The implantology specialists claim that although most of the implants are applied to persons aged more than 55, younger and younger, between 35-54 years old, resort to this dental procedure.

When you chose your implantologist it is very important for you to know certain aspects which will help you make a good choice.

1. The professional experience of the doctor Is the expertise of the specialists in Implantology and Surgery acknowledged internationally?

2. The team of specialists Does the implantologist collaborate with the entire team of specialists: the endodontist, prosthetist, periodontist and dental esthetician?

3. Safety and comfort How are the procedures of sterilization and infections control complied with?

4. Analgosedation alternatives What sedation methods are used by the team of anesthesia specialists? Inhalosedation, Analgosedation, Sleeping Dentistry?

5. Performance and durability Is the material of the implant biocompatible? Who is the producer? Recommendations: STRAUMANN (Germany), Alpha Bio (Nobel Biocare U.S.A), 3i (Biomet U.S.A), XIVE.

6. RISK of the bad choice What written guarantee does the clinic provide? How are the postoperative risks prevented?

7. Before and after the implant Did you receive a complete treatment plan?

8. Implant versus prosthetics Have you been informed regarding the long term advantages of the implant?

9. ISO certification of the clinic Is the chosen clinic certified according to an international audit standard?


The team of GERMAN DENTISThas gathered, during more that 15 years of practice in the field, an extremely vast experience and remarkable results in the application of dental implants.

Dr. Bäder – the head of the team – implantology – periodontics specialist, member of the German Society of Periodontics (DGP) and of the German Society of Implantology (DGI), has studied and specialized for more than 9 years in a clinic related to the University of Munster (Prof. Dr. Dr. Joos and Prof. Dr. Dr. Lange) as well as in the Clinic of Bochum (Prof. Dr. Dr. Machtens).



Who is the optimal patient for a dental implant?

Any person who is missing one or several teeth, due to accidents, various diseases or complications of dental cavities, may benefit from implants therapy.

The only limitation is given by the available alveolar bone. Your implantologist will assess the status of the existing dental bone and together you will decide upon the best solution for you.

Is old age a problem?

Sometimes elderly patients think that their age prevents them from benefiting from dental implants. Nevertheless, in implants therapy, the state of health of the patient is a decisive factor, and not his/her age.

Implant dentar la pacient in varsta

We believe that if a patient is healthy enough to have a tooth extracted , then he/she is a good candidate for the insertion of a dental implant.

Which are the advantages of a dental implant in comparison to those of a dental bridge / crown?

  • Improvement of the exterior aspect   - Your smile is the ticket towards a younger and more confident look. Nowadays the implant dentistry is an essential part of the anti-ageing solutions arsenal.

Pacienti tineri

“Younger and more confident by means of the GERMAN DENTIST smile.”

  • Maintaining the natural healthy teeth Due to the dental bridges the teeth located near the missing tooth are affected by the performed dental treatment. The dental implants do NOT affect the teeth located near the missing tooth.
  • Long Term Solution -  You do not have to worry in time, the implant is a stable and safe solution.

In GERMAN DENTIST we offer to you a 15 YEARS GUARANTEE for the implants performed in our clinic.

How will the implants affect my life?

The implants are fixed into the bone and behave just like your natural teeth when you eat, talk or laugh. Most of the patients make no difference between their natural teeth and their new teeth.

The most important thing is that they will improve the quality of your life.People who often felt self conscious due to their dental problems were often pleasantly surprised by what their permanent implanted teeth did for their self esteem.

Will I be able to chew with the same force and pressure just as with my natural teeth?

YES! After a short period of adjustment you will not feel any difference between the bite pressure of your natural teeth and your implants. This is one of the major advantages of restoration by BIO-ESTHETIC implants.

The implants behave just like your natural teeth when you eat, talk or laugh. Most of the patients make no difference between their natural teeth and their new teeth.