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With German Dentist you can save up to 60% of the prices charged in your country!

Dental implants

Dental implants

Vast experience in the implantological treatment - more than 3000 inserted implants with 8 years guarantee.
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Pediatric Dentistry Dental Office

Pediatric Dentistry

In German Dentist clinic children feel NO pain - innovative techniques of relaxation and inhalation sedation.
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In our clinic the sterilization reaches the highest level possible.

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“In our clinic the sterilization reaches the highest level possible, according to the latest requirements of the European Community, the equivalent of DIN/ISO 9001.” German Dentist.

It has been 25 years as of the time the first sign of alarm was identified following the identification of HBV – Hepatitis B virus – as being a professional risk illness in the dental field.

When we opened our first clinic in 1998 we paid special attention to this aspect, making substantial investments in order to ensure a complete sterilization.

We care for your health and also for the protection of the medical personnel and that is why we adopted the strictest measures in order to benefit from a dental treatment performed under maximum safety conditions.

sterilizare sterilizare

  1.  We use both dry heat sterilization and a state of the art autoclave for moist heat sterilization.
  2. We use a digital electronic system which monitors the sterilization cycles, thus allowing a permanent control of the sterilization process.
  3. For a second more thorough control every instrument has a band which marks the efficiency of the sterilization process.
  4. The sterile instruments are kept in special single use bags stored in tight lockers.
  5. We use sterile water for the rinsing performed during the dental operations.
  6. We use only single use consumables (bibs, cups, needles, gloves, masks, mouth suction devices etc).
  7. Before and after every patient we take an office preparation time, during which the nurses disinfect all contact surfaces.
  8. The potentially contaminated materials are placed in special baskets for dangerous waste, placed outside the office.
  9. Our medical personnel participate in a specialization session in the beginning of every new year for the newest methods of sterilization and prevention of the contamination with infections.

In GERMAN DENTIST there is a strict record of the sterilization cycles, of the personnel in charge and of the manner in which the sterile and non-sterile instruments are handled, in compliance with order no. 1338 of July 31st, 2007 of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the functional structure of the medical and dental medicine practices.